On a recent visit to the new Getty Center, I was able to view Vincent Van Gogh's 'Irises.' The museum was clearly ripped-off, spending $30 million for this piece alone. 'Irises' is obviously a fake piece of work, attributed to this great Dutch artist. What happened was Van Gogh painted something totally different, that no one understood. This piece was called 'Bert-Irises,' showing that this artist had immense wisdom in being able to draw future visionaries that weren't even born yet. Unfortunately, over the years, this true masterpiece was eventually lost and forgotten about as no one could figure out who in the heck was this character that Van Gogh painted. A counterfeit painting was eventually produced, which The Getty now proudly displays. But thanks to my intense research, I was able to find 'Bert-Irises,' and display it here on my web site for all the world to enjoy. As you can tell, the five floating pictures of Bert over the irises, finally shows the true meaning of Van Gogh's most greatest work.