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A Tasty, Double-Decker, Ratburger

Welcome To Ratburger.Com
Home Of The Tasty Ratburger!


It's A Rat Race, Isn't It?

The Ratburgers.Com/Ratburger.Com
Gourmet Menu

Don't Eat Me Because I'm A Rat

Hello, I'm RatMan

Our Famous Rat Mac Burger, pictured above. A family favorite for generations.

It's A Rat's Life

Ratcaroni. Ground rats mixed with macaroni and cheese. Also available for take-out.

Are You Kidding, I Hate Being A Rat

New York Subway System Ratburgers. These rats grew-up in the New York City subway system, and are guaranteed to be 100% garbage fed since birth.

Stop Rat Abuse - Boycott Ratburgers.Com

Los Angeles Freeway Ratburgers. Rats were picked-up along Los Angeles freeways after being run-over. They often can be confused for Rat Pizza.

Don't Make Me Your Lunch

Cat Rat. For our customers who may have trouble digesting our regular rat specialties. Rats are pre-digested by cats, and then removed from their stomachs within two hours.

Us Rats Are Your Friends

Rat Nuggets. Our most choice rats fried in our world-famous batter. They're absolutely delicious.

I'm a South of the Border Rat

Macho Rat Burrito. Two pounds of your favorite ground rats wrapped in a flour tortilla. Sure to please the hungriest of appetites.

Don't Buy A Ratburgers.Com Franchise

Rat Sushi. For those who like uncooked rats. Rats are rolled-up inside of rice. This seals in the tasty rat juices while also preventing the rat from running off your plate.

Pigeon Droppings Soup? Yuck.

Pigeon Droppings Soup. Have a hearty bowl of our famous pigeon droppings soup with your rats. Dipping your rats in this soup adds extra zest to your meal.

Rat Bastard Root Beer Is Yummy!

By popular request, Ratburgers now serves Rat Bastard Root Beer. The refreshing taste of Rat Bastard Root Beer goes perfectly with any of our entrees. We do ask, though, when ordering Rat Bastard in our restaurants, you whisper the name. Our rats are very sensitive, and they may think they're being insulted.

You just can't find Rat Bastard Root Beer anywhere, so be sure to stock up when you visit Ratburgers.

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